Campaign of the Month: August 2007

Ptolus - Runic Street Boys

A Carriage Ride to Murder

Having successfully raided Toridan Cran’s house and finding his ledger of illegal activities the party still wanted to question him further on his involvement with the attempted assassination of Phon Quartermain. They had found the entry in his ledger indicating Toridan had been hired by someone named Methul Watcher to kill Phon and has specifically requested that the job be sub-contracted out. No other information on this person was in the ledger. Since Toridan had been quite injured and Dmitri used his magics to somewhat heal the party the group decided to keep Toridan secured in the basement of the house until the next day. In the meantime the party took turns resting until morning and then set about selling off the treasure and items they had gained so far. Corvus and Dmitri went to Delver’s Square to sell of some of the weapons and armour they had gained and while there they ran into another group of Republicans doing a rally. Corvus had a little exchange with the leader of the group named Helmut Itelstein but suddenly everything seemed to slow down and he heard a voice speaking to him in Infernal . Seemingly, the voice was all around him but only Corvus could hear it. It said, “Why have you abandoned us? You must return to your nature and awaken us . The night of dissolution is at hand.”

The group got a visit from a priest of Aesche named Mand Scheben who claimed to be a representative of the Castle Shard. Dmitri told the party that Castle Shard was a powerful keep in the city who especially hated the shivvel trade. Mand had been instructed by the Lord and Lady of the Castle to invite the party to visit the castle to discuss an issue with the Lord Zavere. Mand said that the Lord and Lady of the Castle knew of the raid on Toridan’s and the party’s concern that the half-orc might have connections to escape justice. Mand assured the party that if the half-orc was dropped off at the watch house in the North Market a half hour after sunset, guards loyal to justice would arrest him. So Janos, Corvus and Orbick dropped Toridan off with his ledger via carriage while Dmitri remained behind in case any of Toridan’s henchmen found out where he had been taken.

The three were talking on the ride home when they realized that the carriage was moving rather quickly and discovered that the door had been blocked somehow. Examining the carriage they found that the only windows in the carriage were a little over a foot in size. Quickly Corvus tried to squeeze out and at that point saw some sort of black ichor splattered and hardened over the door sealing it shut. Meanwhile, inside the carriage Janos tried to kick it out but didn’t have any luck so he started stabbing at the roof.

While climbing out of the window, Corvus was almost skewered by a lizard-like creature armed with a spear. It even walked over the side of the carriage and stuck there while it was stabbing at him. As Corvus worked on getting free of the window while avoiding getting stabbed, Janos broke through the roof and poked his head out of the top of the carriage. Suddenly, he caught a strong smell of salt air and looked forward to see that there was no driver and that the horses were in full gallop and they were headed down Bridge Street which leads towards the docks. Janos then remembered with some concern that before the street made it to the docks it made a rather sharp turn at the edge of the cliff that the horses didn’t seem likely to make at their current crazed gallop.

In an inspired act, Orbick fired a magic missile at the creature stabbing at Orbick before casting a levitate spell as Janos and Corvus leapt from the carriage. Just before Orbick drifted out of the cut hole in the top of the carriage the creature screamed and yelled as it careened over the cliff with the carriage. Janos was able to tumble his way out of most of the damage but Corvus smacked hard into the side of a building and was unconscious. Orbick, meanwhile, gently drifted down to the edge of the cliff watching the carriage make a big splash far below.

The trio decided to WALK home after that and returned to find Dmitri gone. Concerned of an attack on the associates of the group, Janos wanted to fire Alice to protect her. Alice , however, felt she would still be a target now anyway so she might as well have the protection of the group. Janos returned to the house shortly before Dmitri walked in the side door covered in blood and his eyes glazed over. The group managed to wake him up and again he had no memory of what had happened. His mace was covered in bits of bone and hair and his robes were splattered with a great deal of blood. As the group was deciding what to do there was a loud knock on the door. A quick look out the window revealed that it was the Imperial Guard and they were looking for Dmitri to arrest him for murder!


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