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Ptolus - Runic Street Boys

A Person Found and a Party Betrayed

Returning to the mission of finding Phon Quartermail the party traced several dead-end leads before eventually deciding to find out where Helmut lived. Finding his house in the Temple District, Janos approaches the door to find a rather strange young woman there to greet him. The woman informed him that Helmut was away and that they should come back another time. She also gave him a knowing look that disconcerted him to the point where the party decided that Corvus would enter via the chimney and investigate. Following through with the plan, Corvus entered through the chimney and found Helmut’s study on the top floor. Rummaging through papers on the desk, Corvus saw some mad ramblings but one in particular stood out which mentioned breaking the chains and finding the dark elf Shilukar in a vacant lot on Brandywine Street before he brought doom.

Corvus was about to return to the party when he found a secret door behind a bookcase in the study. Opening it he found Phon lying on a bed in a secret room. The young girl seemed to be drugged so Corvus remained invisible and attempted to convince her to leave. Phon refused politely so Corvus went back to the party to let them know what was going on. They feared leaving her in such a state so the plan was to take her out with force if necessary. Going to the back of the house while Corvus re-entered through the chimney Janos and Orbick scaled the side of the wall and entered through a window opened by the imp. To help prevent them from being hindered Corvus transformed into a spider and webbed up the stairwell. Meanwhile Khron and Dmitri prepared to enter through the front door when they heard trouble.

Entering the study, however, the Janos found trouble as the young woman who had met him at the door was already waiting in the room with another man both with weapons drawn. They were asked to leave but when Janos refused, they moved to defend Helmut’s house. A short battle ensued with Khron and Dmitri having to burn through the webbing to assist while Janos and Orbick battled with the young man. Corvus meanwhile fought the young woman until Phon emerged from the secret room and ordered them to stop. She was very angry with the party for attacking her friends in her lover’s house. She would not listen to them when they said that Helmut was behind the attempt on her life. Finally, after much convincing the party manages to get her to go to Brother Fabitor’s to convince them that she is not under some sort of influence.

Heading down to St. Gustav’s the party has Brother Fabitor check out Phon and he tells them that she is not under any sort of spell. The party tries to convince Phon to see that they are just concerned for her but her anger remains strong. She storms out of the chapel and is in the process of walking home while Janos follows her. Meanwhile the Imperial Guard arrives at the temple with a complaint that the party invaded Helmut’s house and attacked his guests. Luckily, Khron is friends with the captain of the squad and he is able to explain the situation to keep the party from being arrested. The party leaves and heads for home as Janos manages to convince Phon to stay with them for the time being. Returning home, Phon is introduced to Alice who insists that the girl stay with her instead of at the house with the party. Corvus agrees to remain at Alice’s house in invisible form to protect them.

Before leaving for Alice’s, Corvus overhears Janos mention that he is going to the Red Stallion Pub for a drink while Orbick rests and Dmitri heads out as well. Never going to Alice’s instead Corvus asks Khron to help him with a matter of importance. Khron agrees and the two first go to the Onyx Spider where Corvus pays the bartender and receives a slip of paper. Taking the paper, Corvus explains that he believes he has a hint on what is happening with Helmut but he needs to visit a powerful Fate Weaver in the Necropolis to get the specific information. He wants Khron to act as his bodyguard while he is there. Khron, suspicious, nevertheless accompanies Corvus to the Necropolis where they are allowed in by the Knights of the Pale who warn them that the creatures will overpower them if they wander too far from the path. They also tell them that the island is protected from undead so if they get into big trouble they should head there.

Now very concerned, Khron continues to follow but has his weapon drawn and his shield at the ready. Corvus leads him through the length of the Necropolis and strangely the creatures seem to give them a wide berth. Finally they arrive at the Dark Reliquary and the doors are opened for them without question. Entering inside, Khron sees a beautiful woman with dark hair who says her name is Lilith. Lilith informs Khron that he has been foolhardy and that his ‘friend’ has betrayed him to her. Corvus is in fact possessed by the demon that was in the possessed watch. The demon named Ylouil has been in control since that time but agreed to share the body with Corvus when he found out that the party had been gathering silver weapons to kill him despite his working for the party’s benefit. The demon had not been so good for Ptolus however. During his time in control of Corvus’ body, Ylouil had gained an earring that protected him from being detected as evil as well as his location from being scryed. He had betrayed the Balacazar’s and given the secret of shivvel to the Killraven Crime Syndicate and sparked a drug war on the streets of Ptolus. Now, Ylouil sought more power and had made an agreement with Lilith for Corvus to regain his true form in exchange for Khron whom Lilith said was instrumental in the coming Night of Dissolution. As Khron prepared to fight for his life, suddenly Janos, Orbick and Dmitri appeared. Dmitri had been tipped off by the Balacazars who wanted Corvus dead for his betrayal and figured the party would do their work for them. Finding out that Khron had gone into the Dark Reliquary they rushed to Castle Shard for assistance. Lady Rill was able to give them each a contingency teleport that they each cast on an item before the sorceress located Khron and teleported them to his side.

As the group prepared to fight, Lilith stepped back and told Corvus to taste his power once more and to use it to destroy their enemies. Corvus was bathed in a dark light and suddenly transformed into a pit fiend! Returned to a semblance of his former self but without his spell-like powers, Corvus prepared to rush forward. He was met by Janos who attacked with a silver short sword and drew blood but not enough. Corvus unleashed a series of attacks that almost struck the rogue down where he stood. Khron also moved forward while Orbick began to launch magic missiles at the creature. Dmitri was able to heal Janos somewhat but paid for the action when Corvus attacked him and wrapped him up with his powerful tail. With a sickening crunch, Corvus crushed the life from the cleric causing him to lose his mace. The death of Dmitri was not in vain however as it gave Janos an opening to flank Corvus and successfully backstab the pit fiend with the silvered short sword. This followed up by attacks from the recently arrived Slynt the paladin and Khron destroyed the pit fiend guise and left Corvus as an imp once more. However, the imp was also short-lived as he was unable to escape the powerful combination of silvered and magic weapons along with the might of Orbick’s ever present magic missiles. In a flurry of attacks, Corvus was slain and the battle was over.

Looking at Lilith the party knew they had no chance against her. For her own purposes, she allowed the party to leave as long as the body of Corvus remained with her. The party was reluctant to do so, but not seeing another choice, they left the imp’s body and escaped through the exit. Seeing the creatures of the night were no longer subdued the party fought their way towards the southern gate but disappeared part way there thanks to Lady Rill’s teleport contingency. All of them disappeared except Slynt who bravely fought his way towards the gate until he was rescued by an extraction team of Knight’s of the Pale led by a dwarven cleric who turned many of the creatures.

Returning to Castle Shard the party found out that the extraction team was sent by Castle Shard in case the spells didn’t work and if they had more people to remove. The party was reunited and introduced to the leader of the extraction team, the dwarf named Flinder Stepstone. Flinder was interested in joining the team but when it was discovered that they had associated willingly with an imp, he changed his mind.

Having agreed to assist the party with their problem, Castle Shard now wanted the party to help with a problem that they were having. Lady Rill and Lord Zavere explained that they still had been unable to free Lord Abercombe from his stasis but they had received an offer from a dark elf named Shilukar stating he could restore Abercombe but that he wanted safe refuge in Castle Shard in exchange for his services. Not wanting to offer this to a dark elf but not seeing any other choice, the Lord and Lady said they had two days in which to decide on Shilukar’s offer at which point they would be forced to accept. If however someone were to get Shilukar’s method of restoring Abercombe, the point would be moot and they could turn down Shilukar’s offer without consequence. They did not outright ask the party to do the mission but hinted very strongly that it would be very helpful if someone would do so.

Taking the hint, the party planned to assist Castle Shard and knowing where his lair was, planned to tackle the chore the next morning.


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