Campaign of the Month: August 2007

Ptolus - Runic Street Boys

Missing Persons and Wafers

The party had just completed its mission in Toridan’s burrow and gained the freedom of Dmitri as per Castle Shard’s promise, the group was advised to ‘lay low’ for a time to allow things to settle. Using the time to work on the house, the party completes most of the renovations. Everyone settles into a routine; Khron trains and works with the men of the Imperial Guard, Orbick joins the Shabby Hat Guild, Corvus spends much time off on his own exploring his new found ability to fly and Janos spends much time in the Red Stallion Pub. Dmitri takes the time off to travel away to the Imperial City Tarsis to plead his case to the Gaen Church Council. He returns to the group with a pardon for his actions and a new position within the church as a Ray of Gaen; a combat-oriented cleric that would with adventurers to spread the light of the Gaen church. Dmitri’s return reunites the group just in time for a visit from Brother Fabitor who comes to inform the party that his has lost contact with Phon Quartermail, the young lady who brought the party together many months ago. Fabitor said that he hadn’t heard from her in some time and was concerned something had happened to her as asked the party to investigate her whereabouts.

Agreeing to the task but unsure what where to start the party works on putting together all the pieces of the puzzle that they have collected over the past several months. Finally they fixate on a piece of information regarding the individual who hired the hit on Phon in the first place – Methul Watcher. Unscrambling the name the party suspect that Methul Watcher is actually Helmut Itelstein, a cleric of the church of the Watcher of the Skies. Deciding to investigate Helmut the party heads to the observatory temple of the Watcher of the Skies only to find out that Helmut is not present. He is in fact out of town for some time and no one is really sure where he is. Deciding to investigate the temple more the party takes the tour and sees the large telescope pointed at the Spire. Corvus is immediately interested in finding out exactly what the telescope is watching but is unable to get past the protective field surrounding the scope.

While Corvus tries to get a closer look at the telescope the party decides to wait for the imp at the Red Stallion Pub. It is there that the party spies a young cleric named Delemele Sartaris crying. Janos asks her why she is crying to which she replies that she is cleric of Melann, the Goddess of Farming and she has been robbed of ceremonial wafers that are needed to in the fields north of the city for a fertility ceremony. She tells Janos that she was having lunch at the Gatehouse Pub in the Northern Market with her friend when the theft occurred. She had the wafers when she went in but they were gone when she was ready to leave. Offering to help her recover the wafers the party waited for Corvus then headed to the Gatehouse Pub. Asking around, the party is eventually helped by an overly friendly patron in the bar who claimed to see two dwarves steal the wafers and head along the wall to the Rivergate district. Not trusting the fellow, the party left while Corvus followed the individual invisibly once he left the pub. The imp followed him to a gardener’s shed in a park in the Rivergate district where the real person who stole the wafers was hiding out.

The party attempted to take the shed but didn’t realize that they had been spotted and that the two individuals had taken to the trees and the park. The two also introduced the party to the power of dragon pistols almost killing Corvus in the process before being subdued by the party. Recovering the wafers, the group learned that a rival cleric in Delemele’s church who Delemele had outted as being corrupt leading to his excommunication had plotted his revenge on her by stealing the wafers to discredit her. The two were dropped off at the local Watch house while Delemele thanked the party by offering to heal them for free whenever they needed her. Having helped the young cleric the party then had to return to the business at hand by finding the missing Phon.


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