Campaign of the Month: August 2007

Ptolus - Runic Street Boys

Pythoness House

Exploring a haunted brothel

The party arrived at the gates of the old castle style Pythoness House at first light. The old gate was hanging from its hinges and the party made it way into the courtyard with no trouble. Upon entering the courtyard the group immediately sensed a foreboding presence and felt like they were being watched. A booming voice seemingly coming from everywhere said, “COME TO ME”. Trying to locate the sound did no good so the party began to explore throughout the house. As they entered into the house the eerie feeling continued as shuffling sounds, plaintive moans and other creepy happenings were common throughout the house as they explored. One area they found rather quickly was one at the end of a hallway that contained the statue of an obese naked man. Despite its unsettling nature the clerics were also detecting undead from the statue but could not find out why so the group moved on exploring deeper into the house.

For the most part the house was run down and the house was left pretty much the same way it was when it was raided by the Knights of the Pale 3 years earlier. The linens were rotten and the carpets filled with mildew and the furniture covered with layers of dust. After examining the statue the party made it way up a set of stairs and down a hallway that had a door leading into one of the towers of the gatehouse. Climbing to the top of the tower the group found an area haunted by the ghost of cleric of Lothian named Taunell. At first the party was going to destroy him but they released he was a cleric of Lothian. They were able to determine that he was unable to communicate with the party without possessing one of them which Janos eventually allowed. Taunell told them that an evil spirit had control of the house and that undead roamed the house freely. He was unable to leave the gatehouse but the party would be save there if they needed to rest as the evil creatures would not enter there. He said that there was a great evil living in the highest part of the house and that there was a part of a key lying just below the gate house on a ledge above the courtyard. He also believed that there was something of value in the northeastern tower because he was unable to see into it.

After leaving Taunell, the party took their new information and continued to explore the house. The party moved to retrieve the key that Taunell mentioned and then headed upwards towards the northeast tower. They encountered the animated corpses of one of the old prostitute leaders and her undead entourage which they quickly dispatched thanks to the power of the clerics turning ability. Continuing upward the group ran into a group of ratlords and their demonic rat mounts which they dispatched without much effort.

In one of the rooms they found the journal of one of the other prostitute leaders who turned out to be seer. Her journal told of corruption of the house into a chaos cult front and the demons that had been brought in to protect the evil beings here (see Maquent’s Journal). They also learned that the statue they had found earlier was covering a shaft to an underground area where the cult had stored weapons of chaos. The statue could be moved with a special key that had been split into two parts which Maquent and the other leader, Radanna had each been responsible for. Radanna, Maquent had guessed, had hidden her piece in the northeast tower while Maquent decided to give her piece to a mad chaos creature in the house that she had befriended named only the Cobbled Man.
Armed with their newfound knowledge from the journal the party realized the key they had gained from the ledge outside the gatehouse would unlock the northeast tower entrance and so they climbed up to the area and found a trapdoor in the ceiling in the area they had fought the undead prostitutes and opened the secret area to the tower. Climbing up they found Radanna’s treasure store and the first part of the key that would give them access to the basement area. Climbing through the hatch to the roof they saw a central dome area over the main house. Remembering the words of the ghost Taunell and the writings in the journal they knew they would soon face the earthbound demon. The party took time to prepare spells and then turned to make the jump from the tower over to the domed area to face the demonic creature.


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