Campaign of the Month: August 2007

Ptolus - Runic Street Boys

Shulikar's Lair

Several months have passed since the last entry into the party journal. In that time the party has undergone many changes. Immediately following the death of Corvus and Dmitri the party had little time to mourn their losses or lick their wounds before they were called into service once again by Castle Shard. Lady Rill and Lord Zavare had been researching the condition of Lord Abercombe to remove his paralysis but had been contacted by a dark elf named Shulikar who claimed to have a way to restore him. However, the dark elf wanted sanctuary at Castle Shard and its protection in exchange for this antidote. Castle Shard was given 3 days to decide. In contacting the group, Lord Zavare said that he would rather not have to take the dark elf under his protection but would do so to free his friend from his bonds.

Taking the hint the party took it upon themselves to locate Shilukar’s lair on Brandywine Street in the Guildsman District. The lair was located under a scrap yard but the party soon found its way in. The lair was rife with blue gnoll guards which the party had little difficulty dealing with at first. Having brought along Deleme, the cleric they had met recently as a fill-in for Dmitri, the party seemed to handle the initial attack on the lair but were stymied when the shrinking wizard who had attacked them twice before ambushed them as they entered a cross intersection. The party withdrew after killing many of the gnolls but losing the half-orc bard they had hired for extra muscle.

Returning home to rest and recoup the party quickly restocked and returned to the lair to find it more fortified and again the shrinking wizard plagued them with fireballs and webs while blinking about the complex. Finally they vanquished his support and made their way deep into the lair. Unfortunately the found this part of the lair as well protected by two half-fiend blue gnolls who slaughtered their fill-in cleric and nearly killed the party. However the party did prevail only to have the newest hireling, a half-orc spiked chain fighter nearly kill them all when he was possessed by an idol found in one of the rooms.

The group manages to find who they think is Shulikar and kill him only to find out that he was someone illusioned to look like the dark elf. Having failed in their timeline to retrieve Shilukar’s secret for reviving Lord Abercombe the group collects its wounded and dead along with a mysterious chest from Shulikar’s lair and return home informing Castle Shard of their failure. Castle Shard has no choice but accept Shulikar’s deal and allow the dark elf the sanctuary he desires.


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