Campaign of the Month: August 2007

Ptolus - Runic Street Boys

Since Last Time

A quick overview of many sessions

This post is to cover the sessions that hadn’t gotten a full fledged entry prior to us pausing the campaign back in Sept. 07. We have now returned to active duty and will resume regular posts from now on.

The party made the jump to the next building and found what appeared to be a statue of a wizard which turned out to be another adventurer turned to stone. The party freed him and in turn he helped them fight a demonic creature known as a rhodintor in the tallest tower. A series of battles took place and the party found the remaining part to the key necessary to get the statue moved on the first level. Returning there, the party entered the sub-basement where Janos was attacked by a skeletal hill giant and was seemingly killed. By the time the party defeated the creature the rogue’s body had disappeared. Unable to find him the party pressed on and went into the cold sub-level of the dungeon where they recovered a number of items of powerful chaos magic. They decided to leave the door which supposedly housed some great force of chaos as they were too injured to continue.

Returning to the surface battered and bruised the party was ambushed by a demonic creature known as Wuntand. The party was forced to give up the weapons it had gathered despite Khron’s objections. The party swore that they would find this Wuntand and make him pay for taking what they had fought so hard to find.

Attempting to return home it was then found out that the party had actually been in Pythoness House for 15 months and had been presumed dead by the city. Another adventurer named Marissa had taken up residence in the house in the meantime but immediately felt a kinship to Khron so she invited the party to return. The group also checked up on Alice the housekeeper who was relieved to see them alive and who had kept their items for them while they were gone.

Rather adrift after returning to the world, Khron lamented the loss of Janos and Dmitri. Soon after he would lose Orbick who had been cursed by a strange reptilian creature and was turning into a lizard man himself. The lizard man had offered each member of the group items if they would be available for a favour of his choosing when he needed them. Only Orbick refused the offer and thus began to feel himself slipping away into a lizard man. He and Cro heard of a cure in the dwarven caves below the city but got lost in the Serpent Caves and fell victim to Nagas. Khron along with Bernie and Rhe’al came to the rescue but were too late to save Cro. Orbick soon left the city to search for a cure.

Now part of a completely new group, Khron and his new compatriots, Bernie, Rhe’al and Marissa found themselves involved in a plot to lure a young man into a cult. The party took the boy’s meeting instead and busted up a cult meeting and also saved the boy from being altered by the Surgeon of the Shadows. Khron actually struck the Surgeon who did not look pleased to having been touched and swore his revenge on the knight before disappearing.

After that battle, the party found out that two cults were working together on some sort of an experiment in an apartment building in Old Town. Investigating the party found the building had been turned into some sort of incubator for insectoid like thralls that had either changed the tenants into these creatures or killed them. The party made its way through the building before finding a passageway to the sewers and a trail back to one of the cult’s temples.

Making their way to the temple entrance the party was attacked in the first room. As the group worked to fight off the attackers suddenly Bernie and Rhe’al turned on Khron and Marissa. Rhe’al was killed but Bernie escaped and Khron and Marissa were saved by the timely arrival of Janos, Orbick and Dmitri! Returning to the surface, the old party was reunited and Marissa decided that this was too much for her so decided to leave the group and head out of the city to find her way in the world. She returned the house ownership to the group and left Ptolus. The group decided to return to the temple of Deep Chaos and attempt to disrupt the cult’s operations there.

Heading below once more the group entered the temple and fought off a trio of men who were caught unawares by the group’s tactics. With little effort the trio was dispatched the group descended to the lower level of the temple where they fought a quasit and its spider-like master as well as a hidden dwarf. Continuing their search of the area the group fought some insectoid creatures and set off some chaos-tech devices in a trapped well before heading to the northern end of the temple to investigate further. There they ran into some rat brutes which they made short work of. Moving deeper into the temple the entered a large room where the walls throbbed different colours and the party members entered the room. Other than candles and a door to the south the only other feature was a large stone coffin sitting in the middle of the room. The party moved to investigate."""


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