Campaign of the Month: August 2007

Ptolus - Runic Street Boys

The Drug Lord, Deep Sea Diving and Battle in the Burrow

Agreeing to take the mission the party takes its leave and after leaving the Noble’s Quarter heads to the Rivergate district to visit Linech’s burrow. The drug lord lives at the end of a dead end street and the party soon learns that the enclosed area is controlled by the drug lord. They meet a rather creepy young girl at the entrance to the burrow before going to Linech’s office to ‘apply’ for the job. Meeting the half-orc, the drug lord informs the group that he has lost is daughter, Linele, in a fire that destroyed a facility that he owned north of Ptolus. He continues to say that he hired a ship named the Arrrowhead to return his deceased daughter’s remains to him but that the ship was sunk by fire in the Bay of Ptolus. Linech offers a reward to the party if they agree to go to the bottom of the bay and retrieve his daughter in her glass coffin and return it to him. He further offers to provide them each with a potion of water breathing if they agree to mission. However, he does insist that his association, Seanus, a Halfling rogue accompany them as his official representative. The party agrees to the mission and before leaving comments on the detailed golden statue that Linech has in his office. He replies that it was a gift from someone he refers to as his ‘special friend’. Agreeing to take the mission, the party plans to meet Seanus at the docks in the morning and returns home to prepare for the next day’s events. Castle Shard is informed of the mission and they respond that they will further reward them if they follow through with the mission itself.

The next day arrives and the party meets Seanus at the docks. Renting a boat the party questions a few people and gets a rough location of where the Arrowhead sunk in the harbour. Rowing out to the location, it is agreed that Seanus will stay in the boat to keep it in place while the party goes below to find the ship and complete the mission. Corvus transforms in his newly developed ability to take the form of a monstrous spider and, after attaching a web line to the bottom of the boat, drops into the water and begins to sink to the floor of the bay. The rest of the party uses the line as a guideline to follow the transformed imp and soon reach the bottom of the bay.

After searching for about an hour the party finally finds the wreckage of the Arrowhead resting on the bay floor. Moving in for a closer look, the group runs into a pair of sahuagin and sharks. Defeating the creatures and encountering more resistance inside the broken hull of the ship which the party also dispatches, the group sees that the creatures have been removing the contents of the ship and hauling them to the north along the bottom of the bay. Some crates remain with wrapped shivvel and a secret room with dead slaves is also discovered.

Following the trail along the bottom, the party arrives at an underwater cave mouth. Cautiously entering the cave, the party runs into more sahuagin and manages to eliminate all but one of them which escapes through a chimney section part of one of the side tunnels. Pursuing the creature, the party ascends the chimney and arrives in an underwater lake with a beach where they see several slaves moving boxes under the watch of human thugs and several sahuagin. The glass coffin lies broken on the beach as well. An iron door is set into the cave wall of the beach and a small rowboat sits anchored to the shore pointing out toward a side passage that exits to the bay. Corvus transforms himself back into an imp and flies up to the top of the cave to keep watch. The rest of the party moves into position and proceeds to attack those on the shore dispatching all of the enemies except for two guards; one who escapes through the iron door and one guard who informs them that the body of the girl suddenly came alive and busted out of the coffin and took off to the south. While the party takes to tie up the guard, the two slaves free themselves from their bonds and escape using the rowboat. An investigation of the iron door finds it locked and the guard informs the party that the door leads to a staircase that goes up to a mansion owned by the Balacazars.

As the group prepares to follow the girl’s trail, Corvus spots a dwarf in the lake spying on the party. The group prepares to attack but the dwarf comes out of the water and claims that his is not their enemy but rather was merely there to observe them. He explains his name is Eberk and that he is a cleric of the church of the Iron God. He explains that his church had taken notice of the group and had sent him to observe the group’s activities to determine if they were of a threat to the church. He agrees to assist the group with their quest having determined that their goals seemed pure enough.

Having gained a new ally the party proceeds to follow the girl’s trail to the south. They find another chimney going down this time and follow it. Arriving in a small submerged cave, the group finds the girl sitting in the corner. Eberk instantly knows that she is undead (some sort of vampire spawn) and uses his turning ability to keep her at bay when she attempts to move on Khron. Ultimately the party is forced into slaying the girl once more and notice a small pocket watch that falls from her hand. The item radiates evil but before anything can be done with it, Corvus picks it up. A powerful explosion occurs and the both the watch and the amulet worn by Corvus and destroyed in the concussive blast. Quite wounded and worried that they will be pursued by those in the mansion. Exiting through a side tunnel the group’s progress is slowed by a giant crab that defends the corridor but is almost slain by Khron with a single blow when the litorian activates the mark on his arm and cleaves into the creature with one mighty attack. Escaping the cave the party hustles back to the Arrowhead and then up to the boat. Once there they find that Seanus is missing to which Eberk informs them that he had knocked out the Halfling but had put him in his boat which now seems to have drifted away. Not seeing the boat anywhere on the horizon and worried about pursuit, the party finds that there is only one oar in the boat and which proves to make it difficult to make it back to the docks. Finally the group makes it back to shore and parts company with the dwarven cleric. Feeling banged up the party decides to return home to rest up before reporting back to Linech. A box is purchased to keep Linech’s daughter’s remains in and the party returns to their house. Corvus is given the remains of the amulet and the watch to take to Castle Shard which he does before meeting the party back at the house. A message awaits the group that says that the Castle is pleased with their progress and also informs them that the golden statue in Linech’s office is of great interest to them and they would like the party to retrieve it for further reward.

Deciding to accept the offer the party begins to plan on how to handle an attack on Linech’s burrow. Deciding to pick up some supplies first, the group heads down to St. Gustav’s for some healing and to re-supply at Delver’s Square. On their way back from the Square the party spots a pair of blue coloured gnolls dragging a body into an alley towards a sewer grate. Deciding to interfere they move into position to help when suddenly the dragged figure sits up and unleashes a fireball down the alley. Though caught by surprise the group is fortunately relatively unharmed by the attack and kill the two gnolls but the figure who the group recognizes as the wizard who attacked them in the Temple of the Rat God manages to escape much to Orbrick’s chagrin. Searching the alley the group notes two things; one is that the gnolls seem to have been dyed to look blue and secondly they find a slip of paper with only one word on it; Helmut. Unable to find the ambushing wizard, the group returns to their house hoping to get some rest before reporting to Linech. Unfortunately, they get very little time before a group of twelve men lead by a bandaged Seanus arrives at the party’s door demanding the group go with them to report to Linech. Realizing they really have no choice, the group retrieves the crate with Linele’s remains and accompanies their ‘escort’ across town to Linech’s burrow. Battered, bruised and low on spells the group wonders how they will work their way of this mess.

Arriving at Linech’s burrow, the group notes that several crossbowman stand on the roofs of the two of the buildings. The group of 12 men escort the group into the courtyard where they are met by Linech who is standing next to the entrance to his office. He questions the group on why they have not reported to him to which Janos attempts to explain how battered they were. Not really seeming to care about their condition the half-orc asks them if they completed their mission. When Janos shows him the crate and explains that the Balacazars were likely the ones who destroyed it Linech seems visibly upset and asks them if they found anything on Linele’s body. When the group responds that they did not find anything, Linech orders for them to be killed. Thinking quickly the group begins to escape from the centre of the mob while Khron starts to work on eliminating the thugs. Janos tumbles free of the group while Corvus takes to the sky. Orbick casts mirror image on himself before turning to the back part of the mob of thugs and burning hands them taking out four. As Corvus takes to the sky he is hit by a crossbow so he moves to intercept Linech who fired magic missiles at Orbick hoping to disrupt some of the magical images and prevent the wizard from casting more spells. When Janos makes the landing, Linech retreats into his office building as his dwarven bodyguard moves to intercept the party’s rogue. The battle continues with the group gradually taking out the thugs. Corvus attempts to enter the side door of Linech’s office but is blasted by some sort of magical trap. Dropping unconscious he is unaware of the next few moments until he is revived by Linech himself who wants the imp to change sides in exchange for power within his organization. Corvus agrees to help and is given a healing potion by Linech who then waits for the party to get into his office.

Finally dispatching the last of the opposition, the party turns its attention to the office building. Orbick falls victim to the door trap while Khron literally falls as the stairway to the second floor office slides away into a pit trap. Thinking he has the advantage, Linech steps out of his protected office and prepares to cast magic missiles on the heavily wounded Litorian. It is at that point the Corvus, now in spider form, leaps on the drug smuggler and knocks him down the stairs while gnawing on his head. In a last defiant shout, Linech screams, “Ylouil you traitorous bastard!” just before Corvus massive spider mouth crunches on the half-orc’s head killing him.

Realizing the battle has been rather noisy, the group quickly loots the office and then puts the golden statue in a cart and heads to the Nobles Quarter to Castle Shard. Lord Zavere and Lady Rill are very pleased with the group’s efforts and tell them that the statue is actually a dear friend of theirs that is a living statue named Lord Abercrombe. They are not sure why he is frozen but Lady Rill informs them that she will start working on freeing him right away. The group is paid their full reward for their work and Lord Zavere informs them that he will do his best to have Dmitri freed from jail as well as help with the fallout from the fight in Linech’s Burrow. He advises the group to lay low for a few months while things quiet down.

The next few days see the release of Dmitri but this news is not well received by the church of Gaen who excommunicates the cleric even though he maintains his holy powers. The cleric is grateful for the party’s efforts but informs them he is taking a caravan job to Taris so he can plead his case to the head of the church. He promises to return once he has regained his right to practice his allegiance to Gaen.

The party takes the next three months to relax and work on the house finishing the repairs and upgrades. Orbick joins the Shabby Hat Guild and learns of a contest sponsored by the Inverted Pyramid. The group hides a scroll within the city that allows the wizard that finds it to access the secret thirteenth month for magical study. The wizard that finds it is said to be shoe-in for membership within the Inverted Pyramid. Janos spends his time working on the house, spending time with the locals at the Red Stallion Pub, cooking with Alice and generally taking it easy. Khron spends time at Dalenguard training with the military men thanks to the permission of his uncle and Corvus takes up a job on Dweomer Street as a lab assistant. Live settles into a comfortable routine for the summer until one day Brother Fabitor comes to visit with news. It seems that Phon Quartermail has disappeared….


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