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Ptolus - Runic Street Boys

The Shivvel House Raid

While Corvus was spending a few days being redeemed by the Brotherhood, the rest of the party spent the downtime resting from the encounter at the warehouse and working on their house repairs. Three days passed with the group waiting to hear word from Corvus. The only break in the quiet time was the return of Slynt who had been off exploring the city. Khron took the time to show the paladin the improvements they had made to the house while Janos continued to work on the repairs to the roof. Alice the housekeeper was busy cleaning and cooking the suppertime meal while Orbick sat in the main room trying to study unsuccessfully as Janos hammered away overhead. Once Khron finished with the tour for Slynt he returned to the roof and assisted Janos. He was hammering away when Yenneck from next door came over to complain about the noise and through a rather forced and awkward conversation with Khron mentioned that he had heard barbarians were moving again in the east and many thought they were going to sack the capital city once again.

Khron had little time for small talk as he spied Corvus returning from his time with the Brotherhood of Redemption. The imp was rather uncertain of what had happened but the group is able to ascertain that he no longer was evil. Dmitri was pleased with this change of events but still cautious around the imp. Eventually the group decided to turn its attention to investigating the lead they had gained from their raid on the warehouse. Janos and Corvus decided to investigate the house where this shivvel dealer named Toridan Cran lived.

Waiting until dark the duo made their way to the Longbottom part of the Midtown district while Dmitri returned to his temple for evening meditation. Khron, Slynt and Orbick remained at the house waiting for word from the others. Following the trail of shivvel junkies they found the house at the end of Nar Street which was the lair of one Toridan Cran. Along the way there, Corvus was sure that he saw Dmitri following them but when he turned, the cleric was not in sight. Turning back to the business at hand, the pair took stock of the neighbourhood. Most of the surrounding buildings were rundown and abandoned but a single storey house at the end of the block seemed to have a steady stream of activity. Deciding a closer look was necessary, Janos and Corvus made their way to the side door and knocked. A gruff voice on the other side questioned them and Corvus replied that he was there to buy product for his master. The door was opened and a price negotiated before the pair was allowed in. Stepping into the messy and overly cluttered room, they got their first look at the ‘crazy wizard’ Collus who was sitting at the kitchen table reading a book and absent-mindedly lighting up his finger with magically flame. The man who opened the door went into a backroom through a curtain where the group saw the form of a large half-orc pass a package to the man they later found out was named Gunn.

Buying their drugs, the pair left the house and this time it was Janos who thought he saw Dmitri but like Corvus before him, when he turned completely to look closer there was no one there at all. Deciding to check out Dmitri’s story the two headed to the temple of Gaen where they questioned an acolyte about Dmitri’s whereabouts. The acolyte indicated that the cleric had been there all evening. Going to check on him, the two found him in a trance-like state but he awakened as soon as they touched him. Unaware of the time lost, the cleric was surprised as they told him what had happened.

Returning with Dmitri to the house they filled the group in on what they had learned. Deciding to raid the house at dawn, the party makes battle preparations and then gets some sleep unsure of what to think about Dmitri’s situation but unable to deal with it at the moment. A few hours later the group found themselves in the alleyway near Toridan Cran’s house. Corvus, Janos and Orbick returned to the side door posing as interested buyers once again while the others planned to kick in the front door. All went according to plan as Corvus convinced Gunn to open the door and then the attack was launched. Corvus and Janos were able to dispatch Gunn quickly allowing Corvus to move into the kitchen. Unfortunately, the imp did not see the rather large half-orc standing in the corner with his great axe poised to strike until Toridan brought it down on him, nearly cutting him in half. As he staggered away, Corvus slashed out with a short sword he had taken from the party’s treasure. The blade went wide and Corvus darted for the relative safety of the kitchen table as Janos tumbled into the fray. Rolling through and back to his feet, Janos’ twin short swords slashed twin cuts on the angry half-orc as Orbick provided timely magic missile support.

As the battled raged on in the kitchen, the group in the alley crashed the front door of the house. Unfortunately, the battle in the kitchen had alerted Collus, the pyromaniac wizard, of trouble. He stood in the far corner of the room and summoned a small fire elemental to bar the way into the room. While the group dealt with that problem, the wizard cast burning hands, scorching those in the doorway. Finally the combined efforts of Slynt, Khron and Dmitri eliminated the elemental and they quickly dispatched the wizard shortly thereafter.

Having cleared the living area, Khron and Slynt made their way through the curtain into the kitchen to assist Janos and the heavily injured Corvus. Emboldened by the arrival of his friends, Corvus finished quaffing a potion of healing and rushed back into the fray only to be cut down again by Toridan’s deadly axe. Shortly thereafter the others of the party managed to bring the half-orc down into unconsciousness ending the battle.

A search of the house revealed a ledger filled with Toridan’s criminal activities and contacts which the party quickly packed away for future examination. A loose floorboard was discovered and an iron box containing Toridan’s current wealth along with some potions. Orbick relieved Collus the mage of his spell book as well as his treatise on arcane arts. Having picked the house clean, the party tied up Toridan and returned to their house to question him.


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