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Ptolus - Runic Street Boys

The Sun Disks of Gaen

After the failure in Shulikar’s lair the party takes some time off to rest, recuperate and plan their next move. Khron decides that he might like to find another group to delve with and goes to the Delver’s Guild headquarters to investigate their boards for possible employment. There he finds a small boy named Frederick wanting to hire an adventuring group to find his father. Though reluctant, Khron agrees and returns to gather his party to save this boy’s father who has gone in search of the missing Sun Disks of Gaen that had been stolen from the church’s temple. The boy insists on going with them as he has the map. The party does not want this but sees no other way so they agree. Entering the dungeon with a new druidic friend named Cro as well as accompanied by a cleric Gaen, the group began its search for the lost sun disks.

Following the boy’s map the group enters a series of underground caverns where they battle sonic bats, drow and glowing slugs. The battle in the first level of the cavern culminates with battle with a xorn in a solid gold room. The party is able to vanquish the creature and take the sun disk that it has claimed. They find a passage to another area that turns out to be a duergar stronghold. The party is overwhelmed by the number of grey dwarves they have to battle and lose another cleric as well as the boy in the battle. Ultimately they rally back and win the fight and gain a second sun disk. Despite being wounded they push on to try to find the 3rd disk but run into an earth elemental who soundly thrashes the party and forces them to withdraw. They return to battle the creature a second time but during the battle, lose Janos who they take back to the surface along with the other bodies.

Taking the body of the Gaen cleric and the boy to the Temple of Gaen the party learns that Janos left instructions to be reincarnated in the event of his death. They also learn that the temple of Gaen has agreed to give them the ritual necessary to resurrect Dmitri and will also raise the boy if they agree to return for the 3rd disk. The party agrees but needs to recoup from their adventures first after reincarnating Janos as a half-orc.

While the party is taking time off from its adventures they learn that another group called the Golden Boys has successfully retrieved the last sun disk and has earned the favour of the temple of Gaen. The group finds themselves given the cold shoulder when they visit the temple and are unable to gain an audience with the high priest.

At odds as to what to do the party begins to investigate the chest that they recovered from Shulikar’s lair. They discover that they are unable to open it by any means known to them. Orbick looks at the design of the lock and begins to do some investigating. He learns that there exists a key called Neveran’s All-Key which is reputed to be able to open any lock magic or otherwise. The last known location of this key was an old brothel called Pythoness House located in Old Town. Pythoness House was last controlled by a chaos cult called the Crimson Coil which was all but destroyed when the house was raided by the Knights of the Pale 3 years ago. Since then those who have entered the house have never returned.

The party was about to investigate the house when a strange visitor arrived at their door. An Assari (lizardfolk) named Alyxye came to the party with a strange deal; he offered them their heart’s desire in exchange for a promise to do a service for him in the future. Despite their misgivings all the party besides Orbick agreed to this condition and received their rewards over the next several days. Orbick, however, found himself beginning to turn into an assari as time went on. Concerned by the change, Orbick and Cro go to Castle Shard to ask Lady Rill what is happening. Lady Rill examines Orbick and after a bit of investigation informs Orbick that he has come into contact with a curse that can only be bestowed by the avatar of the Assari god. Not wanting to give into Alyxy’s demands, Orbick and Cro head to find a dwarven alchemist who has supposedly cured this affliction for others. Their investigation leads them into the Serpent Caves where they are quickly overpowered by a spirit naga that kills Cro and charms Orbick.

Concerned that they haven’t heard from their friends since their trip to Castle Shard, Khron and Janos go in search of their friends. While at Castle Shard, they find out that they have left for the underground to find a dwarven alchemist. Deciding to go rescue their friends, they are accompanied by an elven cleric of Phobeul, the dreaming god, named Bernie who is looking for a group to assist him in his own quests. Heading into the Serpent Caves the group finds the naga and Orbick. The battle goes much better this time and the naga is vanquished and Orbick released from its control. However, Orbick has now become completely lizardfolk. He accompanies them to help Khron to Bernie’s ship which is also a temple of Phobeul, to so that the litorian can be restored from the draining damage of the naga. While Khron recuperates, Orbick informs Janos that he is leaving to find a cure for his condition. Unable to change his mind, Janos informs Khron of Orbick’s decision when the litorian returns to their Runic Street home.

While Janos and Khron decide what to do with their group now being down to two members, Bernie has an encounter with a Halfling bard named Popo Hardbottle who has had troubling dreams. Bernie does an investigation of Popo’s dreams while the Halfling sleeps and sees a strange creature made up of wires and multiple heads and 3 arms standing on a bridge ready to attack the poor Halfling. He learns that this place where the bridge that creature is standing on is called Pythoness House located in Old Town. Agreeing to help the Halfling, Bernie seeks out the adventurers he had just worked with to see if they would accompany him.

While Bernie is making his way to the Runic Street house, Janos and Khron are visited by a member of the temple of the Iron God. The Temple is following up on the chaositech they party surrendered to them several months ago. The cleric conducting the investigation is named Re’Ahl who quickly finds out that the party is not hiding any chaositech. However, as Bernie arrives and explains what he would like help with, Re’Ahl is intrigued by this creature and suspects that there is chaositech involved. He agrees to join the party in its investigation of the house since Janos and Khron would like to find the key to open the chest they found in Shulikar’s lair. The new version of the Runic Street Boys prepares for adventure and sets out to Old Town to discover the secrets of Pythoness House.


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