Helmut Itelstein

Leader of Republicans and Cleric of Watcher of the Skies


Helmut Itelstein is a charismatic man who has led the Republican movement for some time. The Republicans want Ptolus to break away from the Empire and declare itself a free city state. Helmut is also a cleric of the Watcher of the Skies.

Helmut is a driven man who will do what is necessary to achieve his goals which is certain are the best for all concerned. His passion has drawn the attention of a young Phon Quartermain who is pregnant with his child. Helmut has had visions of the coming of the Night of Dissolution and believes the child Phon carries has something to do with it. He has tried to have her killed to prevent the child from being born and when that failed he tried to keep her hidden in his home. His whereabouts is currently unknown to the party.

Helmut Itelstein

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