The negotiator of the Runic Street Boys


Appearance, Traits + Disadvantages


Janos is a tall twenty something young man with a lean/hungry look, deep blue eyes and a goatee. His long jet black hair is normally tied back in a queue. He normally dresses in black studded leather under a hooded dark gray cloak.

Bastard son of the Bard Janos and the daughter of Reginald, Baron of Onst

Citizen of Ptolus

Full member of Delver’s Guild

One of the Runic Street Boys

+1 bonus on cooking from Alice


Charity, eldest daughter of Sir Reginald the Gray, sixth baron of Onest, had always been her father’s favourite. Her coming of age party has an event to be remembered. There was food, drink, dancing, jugglers and a true bard named Janos. A great time was had by all. Such a great time was had that both the Baron’s wife and daughter ending up pregnant. The Baroness’s child, Ronald, was the spitting image of the Baron. The Baroness never recovered from childbirth and died six months after Ronald was born.

Charity’s son was the image of a certain bard. The two boys grew up side up side. Janos was intelligent, kind and strong, a warrior born. Ronald, on the other hand, was dark, cruel and sly. It was natural that the Baron would come to favour his grandson over the child that killed his wife. Favoured as he was, Janos was still a bastard and could never inherit the Baron’s lands. So, at the age of twelve, he was sent for to join the clergy.

Life as an acolyte did not suit him. He would have been sent home if not for the friendship of a dwarvish stonemason, RanGor, who was making an addition to be abbey were Janos was studying. Janos stayed on but spent more time studying masonry than religion. The Baron died suddenly just after both Ronald and Janos turned eighteen. Janos was still grieving when some ‘pilgrims’ staying at the abbey tried to kill him. RanGor interrupted the attempt and was able to hold the assassins off long enough for Jason to escape. The dwarf was not so lucky.

Janos ran from the abbey and has been running ever since. He suspects that Ronald sent the men but he has no proof. He turned to a life of petty crime just to feed himself. The new life seems to suit him far better than the abbey.


Revenge on Ronald for having the old Baron killed and for trying to kill him.


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