Campaign of the Month: August 2007

Ptolus - Runic Street Boys

The Game Begins

The party started the campaign as individuals standing in line at the southern city gates waiting for entrance into the city. There the group meets a young boy named Rykke who is hiring himself out as a local guide to new delvers in the city. Waiting in line among the regular visitors to the city, were Content Not Found: Khron_ , the litorian who would be a knight; Orbick, the rather eccentric human wizard; Janos ap Janos, a human ‘negotiator’ hoping to find some work in stone masonry; Slynt Drakeson of the EastWoods, paladin extra-ordinaire and finally _Content Not Found: Corvus the imp whom Rykke had befriended in line because he thought the imp was a burned and scarred halfling. Corvus was wrapped in robes and did nothing to dissaude Rykke of his mistake. The individuals took to chatting as they waited in line to pay their toll and enter the city. They decided to pool their resources and use Rykke’s services.

After paying their respective tolls and entering the city, Content Not Found: Khron_, the litorian, wanted to go to visit the Commissar as he had message from his father that had to be delivered only to him. The other members of the group wanted to get settled into the city and Rykke suggested heading to Delver’s Square to the Ghostly Ministrel. The group made its way taking in the local sites and sounds, much to the dismay of _Content Not Found: Khron’s strong sense of smell. Finally the group reached the Square and took in the sights of the statue of Runihan and the businesses that functioned in area.

After checking into their rooms, the group began to splinter. Janos, who had arrived in Ptolus with a mule and decided he no longer needed it, decided to shave it down and try to sell it as an exotic breed of mule. A rather eccentric looking nobleman passed by and was rather ‘taken’ with the creature and promptly paid Janos 30gp via promisary note. Then Content Not Found: Khron_, Rykke, Janos and Slynt left by carriage to visit the Commissar in Dalenguard. Meanwhile, Orbick and Content Not Found: Corvus_ remained in the taproom of the Minstrel looking for information on the local Delver’s Guild. Zade, the barkeep, provided them with the basics and informed them to check with the guild office for information. Orbick and Content Not Found: Corvus decided that they would go inquire about membership after a few drinks.

Meanwhile, Content Not Found: Khron_ and company arrived in Dalenguard and after showing the message seal to the guards, they were promptly escorted to the Commissar’s house where they were met by his assistant. Lead to a small waiting area, the group was soon met by the Commissar himself who took the offered note from Content Not Found: Khron_ and read it. Looking rather surprised at first, the Commissar spoke with the group for a few moments; not mentioning the contents of the delivered letter. Instead he wished the group the best of luck in the city and retrieved another scroll which he gave to Content Not Found: Khron. He instructed the litorian that if he should ever really need assistance that he should give this scroll, seal intact, to a member of the City Watch. After that, he thanked Content Not Found: Khron for delivering the message and escorted the group to the door. The quartet then went to the Hammersong vaults to cash in the promissary note that Janos had received. While there, Janos struck up a conversation with the owner and inquired if he knew anyone looking for a skilled stone mason. The dwarf was unsure but said that if he came back in a few days he might have some names for him. Their business in Old Town completed, the group hailed another carriage and began to head back to Midtown.

Back at the Ghostly Minstrel, Orbick and Content Not Found: Corvus_ finally decide to go check out the Delver’s Guild. They head out and prepare to make their way to the guild office but get confused on the directions and head off down the streets instead of down into the undercity. While they are getting turned around they spy a young woman being attacked by two thugs in an alleyway. Orbick yells a challenge at the two young men who tell him to mind his business and be on his way. Meanwhile, Content Not Found: Corvus_ the imp throws off his robes and steps forward in challenge to the two thugs. He offers them a chance to surrender which is met with one of the thugs smashing him into a wall with a club. Content Not Found: Corvus is quite surprised by the power of the assault and the amount of damage it does to him but attempts to return the favour by attacking with his tail. The final result is much less spectacular than he would like barely damaging the thug. Orbick tries to help by casting a spell but it too does little damage. Meanwhile the girl is frantically trying to find off her attack with the lid off a crate. It does her little good as the second thug cuts into her deeply and she falls to the ground bleeding. Orbick also takes some serious damage as the first thug introduces him to his club and almost knocks the wizard into unconsciousness. Realizing they are in trouble, Orbick lets out a less than manly scream hoping to summon the watch.

At that moment, in a carriage, the alert ears of Janos hears a girlish scream. Stopping the carriage the warriors three and Rykke see the attack on the girl and the other two members of their ragtag band. Quickly moving into assist they manage to kill the first thug but the second manages to escape down the street but not before Orbick puts a bolt into his shoulder. Content Not Found: Khron administers what healing help he can and bandages the girl to keep her from dying while Janos investigates the body of the slain thug. He finds some coin, equipment and a note indicating that this attack was not a random mugging but a hit. Rykke notices the black painted nails and teeth of the thug and tells the group that these are members of the Pale Dogs gang and that they need to leave quickly before the watch arrives. Not happy by that prospect but listening to the young boy the group takes the girl to the nearest temple which Rykke tells them is St. Gustav’s.

Upon entering the temple, Brother Fabitor recognizes the girl immediately as Content Not Found: Phon, a seamstress and devote follower of Lothian. Brother Fabitor breaks his own rules and casts healing upon her and she revives. As the group question her she is shocked at the thought of someone wanting to kill her and has no idea who would do it or why. Janos gives her some of the coin that they took from the slain Pale Dog and tells her to use it to hide somewhere safe since the group might try again to kill her. She reluctantly agrees to take the coin and promises to give whatever she doesn’t use to the temple.

After the girl leaves, the group quietly questions Brother Fabitor about her. He tells her that he suspects that she is pregnant and that the father might be a noble or someone of importance since she refuses to even talk about the relationship. He seems to be genuinely concerned for her and thanks the group for helping her. He heals Orbick’s wounds but does not attend to Content Not Found: Corvus who does not enter the temple directly feeling very ill at ease even standing outside the main doors.

Returning the Minstrel the group tries to decide its next move. Examining the posted messages on the board at the Minstrel, they learn of a house that is reported haunted by ‘spooks’ by neighbours and a reward of 75gp to adventurers for clearing it out. They also see the wanted poster for Shilukar and the Proclamation for the bounty on Ratmen tails. The group decides that it will investigate the haunted house then hunt rats then to investigate a warehouse mentioned on the note that Janos found on the Pale Dog. The goal is to get enough money so that every member of the group can afford Delver’s Guild membership and to purchase a small house to save on living expenses. Everyone goes to sleep that night preparing for the investigation of the haunted house the next day.

The Haunted House on Runic Street

The dawn of a new day saw the party assembled in the common room of the Ghostly Minstrel. The party was short two members as both Slynt and Content Not Found: Khron_ left a message for the group that they _Content Not Found: Commissar wanted to meet with the two of them. They said that they would catch up with the group later in the day.

Finishing up their breakfast the group is preparing to leave when they are approached by a cleric of Gaen, goddess of Light, named Dmitri. He asked the group if they were looking to hire a cleric for their party. The party discusses it and after the battle in the alleyway the day before decide that a cleric would be a good idea so they agree to make Dmitri an equal member of the party.

Making their way to the North Market district the group made inquiries on how to find their contact for the job, Errell Yennick. After being directed to Runic Street, the group finally met the head of the neighbourhood group wanting something done about the old Greyson house. While the party was quite convinced the haunting was a hoax, they did not press this opinion as poor old Errell got rather defensive about how he had seen a ghost through the boarded up windows along with all the scratching, moans, groans and bangs that happened most nights in the house across the street. Agreeing to take the job with an advance of 12gp, Errell counters that he wants to watch them work if he is to give them money in advance. The party tries to dissuade him but he stands firm on his conditions so they agree to take him along. He says that he cannot give them the money right away and to come back in an hour.

Deciding to kill the time in the North Market itself, the group enjoys the sights and sounds of the market with two notable encounters. The first is a visit to the Book Wagon where they meet Darthalis Temester. After purchasing a book of local recipes and a book on stone masonry the group chats up Darthalis a bit on the city and find him to be quite informed on a number of topics. While Janos and Orbick chat with Darthalis, Content Not Found: Corvus_ the imp is drawn to the sounds of Bith the Ratter hawking his services to anyone who will listen. _Content Not Found: Corvus learns a bit about the rat problem in the city as well as some information on the ratmen and Bith’s intense dislike of the creatures.

Having spent the hour, the group returns to Errell’s and receives their down payment. After doing an examination of the house from the outside, the party begins to hear the noises and howls that the neighbours complain about. This is apparently all that poor old Errell can stand and he quickly returns to the safety of his house. Deciding to take the direct approach, Janos quickly picks the lock to the front down and kicks in the front door. His reward is a bucket full of rancid meat and feces dumped on his head which does nothing for his mood. Drawing both his weapons quickly enters into the main living area of the house followed by Content Not Found: Corvus which Orbick and Dmitri bringing up the rear.

The group barely has time to snap a sunrod and they see a ghostly white form floating in from the kitchen which Content Not Found: Corvus moves to confront realizing it is merely a bird or some other flying creature hidden under a sheet. Grabbing the sheet, the imp is surprised to find a stirge lurking beneath. The creature swiftly drives its piercing beak into the imp’s neck and begins to drain his lifesblood. Janos moves up and the two quickly dispatch the creature but leave Orbick exposed to the attack of the goblin who had been hiding in the backroom. Fortunately, the creature’s attack goes wide and Dmitri proves his worth as he steps forward and smashes his morningstar over the goblin’s head and crushes its skull.

Quickly doing a sweep of the first floor and finding it empty, the party sets to work examining the floor and finds a trapdoor hidden under an old carpet in the corner of the kitchen. Deciding to secure the door for now, the group then moves upstairs to examine the noises they can hear. Moving carefully from room to room they find various noise makers near the windows that were used to dissuade the neighbours from investigating the house too closely.

Deciding to tackle the trap door the group opens up the door and sees the basement below. Janos decides to jump down into the basement and is greeted with javelin attacks two of which find their mark. Meanwhile Content Not Found: Corvus_ falls down into basement after trying to climb down the broken ladder. The two attempt to scramble over the barricade of boxes as the goblins that threw the javelins arm themselves and continue to attack them. Dmitri lowers Orbick down while Janos and _Content Not Found: Corvus continue to battle the three goblins and finally after all the members make their way into the basement, the goblins are defeated.

After getting healed up, the group does a search of the basement and finds a secret door on the west wall. Opening the door, the group finds a passageway that has been widened to accomodate a group of goblins who have set up living quarters in the space. Before they can explore it further they are faced with 3 more goblins who the group dispatch without too much effort. Exploring the area, they find the loot gathered by the goblins including various coin, a silver mirror and a clock. Exploration of the tunnel reveals that it ends after 60 feet into a sewer tunnel.

Taking boxes from the basement, the group fills up the passageway at about the halfway point and drags the bodies of the goblins upstairs to the living area to show Errell. They carefully cover up the trapdoor and pile junk on it to conceal it before going to get the old man. When shown the bodies of the goblins, Errell is convinced that they were undead because no living creature could make noises such as those and the party does not try to change his mind. Happy that the problem is solved, Errell gives them the rest of their money.

Locking the front door after dumping the bodies of the goblins back down in the sewer, the group takes its loot to Myraeth’s Oddities and converts it all to coin. They return to the house to secure the secret door in the basement with pitons before heading to the Delver’s Guild to make inquiries about who owns the Greyson house. They learn that the family heirs have not been in Ptolus for many years and the house is currently owned by the House Nagel. Learning a bit about House Nagel’s poor fortune the group manages to negotiate a deal to rent the house for 5gp a month and gets the option to buy. A deal is struck where dual appraisals will be done at the time of rental and at the time of a potential purchase to determine the true value of the house. The party is happy with having a new living space and is eager to begin cleaning it out and fixing it up. They decide that they will spend the next few days on getting the house livable before investigating the red warehouse meeting that they found on the body of the dead Pale Dog that attacked Content Not Found: Phon the previous day.

Another Point-of-View
Being the Journals of Janos ap Janos,

The scrolls containing his journals are one of Janos’ most prized possessions. In keeping with his somewhat independent and highly secretive nature, they are recorded in the pidgin mixture of Dwarven, Celestial, Under-common and Thieves’ Cant.

Kingsday, either the second or third day of the month of Rain, 721 I.A.

Well, its confirmed, boredom can’t kill, it only makes you wish you were dead. Actually got so bored I found myself in conversation with, get this, a six foot plus tall tom-cat named Content Not Found: Khron. A would-be knight no less. He seemed to be traveling with Slynt Drakeson, a freshly hatched Paladin and a not so fresh wizard. (Note to self – try to stay up-wind of Orbick). There was also a midget leper dressed in rags. Didn’t content him/it to the others until we were almost at the gates. Seems like I spent half my day lining up so I could have some self-important O-Fish-E-ail poke his nose into my business. As an added bonus, the city by the spire found its first opportunity to tax me (and took it). The mule may be a problem.

A “Guide” offered his services to service us. The kid’s name is Rykke and he “says” he’s just a guide but I marked him as a possible guild member. I’ll go along with the others to make sure they don’t find themselves dead in some alleys with Rykke and the boys going through their stuff.

Rykke (in his finite wisdom) decided that since we were “Delvers” (Whatever in the nine-hells they are?) so he’d take us to Delver’s Square. During our stroll, I got to “experience” the big city for the first time. It’s big, that I expected, and I’d always heard that big cities smell, but gods, what a stench. RanGor would have said that one whiff of this place could knock a buzzard off a shit wagon at ten paces. (Gods, I miss him).

Got rooms at the Ghostly Minstrel. Nice place, good food, good beds, pleasant staff and only a touch over-priced. (There may be something to this Delver business, I’ll have to check it out).

The street price for a freshly shaved mule is 30 GP. (Strange city)

Slynt and Content Not Found: Khron_ were going off with Rykke to meet someone called “The Commissar”. Figured Rykke and boys might be about to make their move so I tagged along to watch the bumpkins’ backs. Turns out our guide might actually be legit (it could happen) Also turns out that not only is “The Commissar” (a human) related to Content Not Found: Khron_(a big pussy), he’s the chief magistrate. (Question: What’s it take to become chief prick a city built around the largest phallus in existence?) He wants me to keep an eye out for Content Not Found: Khron. Sigh.

Joined the Delver’s Guild. Unlike most guilds this one may be useful. Spoke to a draven money-lender about finding placement as a journeyman mason. (I wonder how much that’s going to cost me?)

City has a good system of carriages and the prices are fair. We were almost back to the Minstrel when I heard a woman’s scream coming from an alley we were passing. I stopped that coach and ran into the alley with Hope and Charity drawn. I found Orbick and the leper fighting a couple of thugs over the body of a woman. The leper is actually the wizard’s familiar, a demon named Content Not Found: Corvus. I briefly considered killing the imp but decided that Orbick seemed to have control, did kill that thugs (I knew they were enemies) Eventually the horse-less cavalry showed and we were able to kill one thug and drive off the other. The thug landed an ineffectual blow on Orbick and he fired some sort of spell at the guy’s back. (The spell didn’t seem effective at all. Either Orbick is an apprentice with delusions of grandeur or he and the imp are in league with the “Pale Dogs”. For now, I’ll just keep an eye on the situation.

Quit the alley and took the damsel to St. Gustav’s Chapel in Delver Square. Content Not Found: Fabitor_ heart seems to be in the right place but he is, in essence, a rube. It’s great that he doesn’t charge for spells, but it takes money to run a church and golden ducats don’t normally fall from the heavens. The girl’s name is Content Not Found: Phon_. I found a note on the dead dog that suggests someone wants her off’d. She say she has no enemies. That makes her either a liar or stupid. Some people cannot be saved, especially from themselves. If Content Not Found: Fabitor hadn’t mentioned she was with child, I might have been tempted arrange flowers for her funeral and leave it at that. As it stands, the note had some stuff we could check out.

Back at the Minstrel now. It’s been a long day. Sleep will be good.

I think I can hear the imp snoring…

Rats and Paranoia

The party reunited at the Ghostly Minstrel at supper time. At that point, Khron let the party know that he had been summoned to the Hall of Heroes by a false note from the Commissar. The note had indicated that he should only bring Slynt and not his other friends especially Rykke or Janos. He expressed that he was now suspicious of them though he could not really explain to the party why. It was noted that Rykke had not been seen at all that day. Khron mentioned that after the attack Slynt had decided to go to the haunted house to see how the others were doing while Khron decided to check out the weapons he had taken from the one assassin they had managed to kill and take them to Rastor’s Weapons. Khron’s fellow litorian indicated that the dagger and poison used indicated that the Vai assassins were behind the attack and that they would not likely give up so easily.
Rastor warned Khron to be careful in the future.

The tension of Khron‘s mistrust to Janos was cut as Dmitri introduced himself to the litorian. The party then discussed the acquisition of their new house and decided what they needed to do in order to get it ready as a functional living space. As it was getting late the group decided to buy some supplies from Myraeth’s Oddities and spend the night in their new home. Returning to the haunted abode, another tense discussion emerged as Dmitri discovered that Corvus was in fact an imp, something that had been concealed from him up to this point. The cleric was not happy with this revelation but decided to remain with
the group if only to deal with the threat to the other party members once Corvus revealed what Dmitri believed would be his true colours.

Arriving at the house the party found it undisturbed from their earlier work but found that Slynt was nowhere to be found. Not sure where to look for the brash paladin the group decided to continue their work on the house and deal with the missing member in the morning. As the renovations began, a crossbow bolt hit the front door and pinned a bloody glove to the door. Inside the glove was a small parchment saying “Hail the Rat god”. A quick look at the glove indicated that it belonged to Slynt so the party decided that they would have to find this Rat god temple and rescue their friend.

The rest of the evening was uneventful and the party rose in at first light to hit the North Market for food and information. Corvus looked for Bith the Ratter hoping his expertise would give them information on the location of the rat temple while Janos decided to visit Dartholis at the Book Wagon. After parting with some coin, Janos found out that the party should focus their surveillance on the area around the Blessed bridge. Staking out the area, the party saw some cloaked figures moving behind one rather non-descript building and Corvus decided to follow. He saw them entering a side entrance and followed suit. Knocking on the door, he was greeted by a open slot with eyes looking at him expectantly. Deciding to risk it, he said, “Hail the Rat god” and the door was opened.

Entering the temple he saw a santuary scrawled with rat praising sayings as well as a rat statue moved to reveal a staircase into the cellars. Descending the stairs, he entered a room with a number of figures that had decloaked at this point revealing themselves to be Ratlings. Noticing the imp, the ratlings questioned him crudely and not liking his answers gave chase as Corvus attempted to escape. Being so small worked in his favour and he managed to escape the building and
reach the waiting party who immediately decided to break the door down and take the temple by force. The ratlings who had chased Corvus out of the temple were waiting for the group but eventually were overwhelmed by the party. After stripping the bodies of useful items, the group looked to the stairs and began to plan their descent into the cellar…a cellar with an unknown number of ratlings who now knew the party was coming….

I Smell a Rat!

The party, having stormed the temple of the Rat god in search of the paladin Slynt, continued to make their way down into the cellars of the temple. Finding the first room empty, Content Not Found: Corvus noticed that there was a hallway to the south but that it seemed to have a magical darkness cloaking it in addition to the regular darkness of the cellar. Being able to see in magical darkness the imp motioned for the others to join him before he made his way down the hall.

After traveling down to the end of the hall and finding a large room with a door on the west wall, he went back to the group by the stairs and got Khron to join him. The two reached the end of the hall and Corvus passed out the darkness first and was nearly decapitated by a swinging blade trap. Not wanting to trip the trap again, the pair called for Janos to come attempt to disarm it. After an inspection, the ‘negotiator’ thought he had the trap figured out but almost lost his foot when he passed through and found out that the blade was still active! Being on the normally lit side of the darkness the rogue quickly found the real pressure plate to de-activate and the rest of the party joined them in the larger room except for Dmitri who had hung back to guard the stairway.

As the cleric was about to pass through the darkness into the room with the rest of the party, two ratlings suddenly appeared behind him and moved to attack the cleric. Luckily, Corvus was watching and saw the creatures and was able to warn the Gaen cleric of the danger. The rest of the party moved to assist with Content Not Found: Corvus_ and Janos moving to the front line while Orbick cast a light spell to help the sunrod deal with the darkness. Khron meanwhile moved to guard the door in the southern room that had not been explored at this point. Khron’s instincts proved to be correct as two more ratlings emerged from the western door to attack the Litorian knight. A quick battle ensued with the party vanquishing the ratlings with a minimum of effort. Collecting the weapons, coins and rat tails, the party then decided to backtrack and find the hidden door that the ratlings had used to get into the hallway. Janos found the door and upon opening it he saw three giant rats and decided to throw a torch into the garbage of the room and then close the door. He was successful in this gambit but was dismayed when _Content Not Found: Corvus informed him that he could hear voices behind the door.

Deciding they could not leave enemies at their back, the party moved to take the room by force. Opening the door, Khron entered first but was rewarded with a darkness spell cast on his eyes for his efforts. Now blinded, the litorian felt somewhat limited in battle for fear of hitting his teammates. Content Not Found: Corvus and Janos moved into position to assist the blind knight and found that there were more ratlings as well as a robed figure standing behind them. The giant rats were missing. Luckily Dmitri spotted the creatures heading towards the unaware Orbick who was standing down at the end of the hallway to the south. The cleric moved to intercept and between the two of them they managed to deal with the rats with no injuries.

Meanwhile back in the rat’s nest room, Janos and Khron were attempting to work their way through the ratlings when the robed figure cast again and slammed two orbs of light into Khron’s chest. Realizing the danger of allowing the robed figure having too much freedom, Janos quickly cut his way through the last ratling and moved to attack. As the imp entered the room, the figure drank down a potion and seemingly disappeared! Janos attacked the two areas next to him in an attempt to hit what he thought was an invisible creature but it was Content Not Found: Corvus who spied a diminutive figure making his way to a small rat hole in the wall. The imp leaped to attack and managed to hit with his stinger but the figure tucked into the hole and to safety.

Unable to follow, the group searched the room and found some coin before turning its attention back to the room to the south. Deciding to investigate the western door in that room, Janos and Content Not Found: Corvus found a t-shaped hallway with doors at the southern and western ends. Heading directly west the duo opened the door to find the lair of a breast-plate clad female cleric wielding a heavy mace; a were-rat in hybrid form with a long sword and two dire rats. Further in the room, tied up and gagged in the corner, they pair see the wounded form of Slynt, their missing friend.

Not wasting any time, the two dire rats attacked while Janos tumbled past them to face off with the cleric. The others, who had been waiting back at the other end of the hallway, began to make their way down to the conflict. Orbick led the still-blind Khron down the hallway while Dmitri also made his way down the hallway and crushed one of the dire rats with his mace. Janos, pre-occupied by the cleric trying to shatter his weapon, was caught off-guard by an attack by the were-rat who bit him solidly on the shoulder. The were-rat’s victory was short-lived however as Dmitri struck a critical blow with the blessing of Gaen driving the were-rat’s head down into its chest cavity. Back at the doorway, Khron cut down one of the dire rats while Orbick and Content Not Found: Corvus finished off the other. This left the group to focus on the Abhoth-worshipping female cleric.

Though out-numbered the evil priestess carried a big stick and knew how to use it. One by one she took on Janos, Khron and Content Not Found: Corvus who remained conscious but was unable to do more than bandage the wounds of his fallen allies. Finally, the imp decided to try to free the bound Slynt to see if he could help the cause as Dmitri attempted to go toe-to-toe with the priestess. Orbick momentarily caused some concern as he hurled a vial of acid at the priestess which flew wide but did not harm anyone else. Still trying to help but out of useful spells, the wizard tried to smash another vial on the priestess but couldn’t land a hit.

Corvus managed to free Slynt and gave him one of Janos’ short swords to face off with the priestess while Dmitri continued to trade heavy mace blows with her. Finally, in the only way the battle could end, Dmitri and the priestess both laid each other out with smashing attacks. This left Orbick and the weakened Slynt and Content Not Found: Corvus to take care of the fallen party members. Hearing the sounds of rats in the walls, they quickly grabbed the key to the iron box from the priestess and gathered the boxes contents. Stripping the bodies, they began the long process of getting the party and the loot out of the temple. It was on Slynt and Orbick’s last trip that they were attacked by a pair of dire rats. They quickly ran by but Slynt was bitten in the process.

Having escaped the temple the party hired a carriage and returned to their home where they inspected their loot. The magical mace and breastplate owned by the priestess along was sold so that the party could afford to pay for training, healing and delver’s guild memberships. Most of the papers from the iron box were written in coded script but one mentioned the children of the Hand and the Ebon cult. The group decided to follow up on this information as well as prepare for the Godsday tournament that would happen the next day. Khron hoped to find out who had hired the assassins who had attacked him and Orbick wished to enter into a spell mastery competition. The party planned to rest and receive some training in new skills in the days leading up to the still unresolved warehouse meeting that the Pale Dogs who had attacked Content Not Found: Phon were to have on the upcoming Theoday.

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Resting after their ordeal from the rat temple, the party took the evening off to rest. While Orbick, Khron and Dmitri rested back at the house, Janos decided to check out the streets that were filling up in anticipation of the Godsday Festival and Tournament that would start in the morning. He wandered his way to the Red Stallion Pub where he played some darts and ran into a fellow Delver’s Guild member named Jurgen Yath who played a few games with him before offering to sell a detailed map of a dungeon area below the city. When Janos directly asked him how many copies of the map he had already sold, Jurgen initially said none but eventually confessed to having put out a couple to make ends meet. He urged Janos to buy one but the price wasn’t right for the party’s negotiator so the deal was lost. After paying a visit to a local brothel for some company, a slightly buzzed and happy Janos returned to the house where he turned in for the evening.

Meanwhile, Corvus decided to stake out the Rat god temple for the night to see if there was any more activity surrounding the place to which the party had just laid siege. Near dawn, the imp’s patience was rewarded as he saw a cloaked figure exit the building and make its way to another temple in the district which Corvus eventually learned was the Temple of the Ebon Hand. Detecting magic on the figure just before it entered the building, Corvus learned that it was magic and had an enchantment aura about it.

Returning to the house, he spoke with Dmitri who had just awoken and finished his morning devotions. The Gaen cleric still did not respond warmly to the imp but they did have a discussion about the Ebon Hand which Dmitri explained was essentially a cult that was almost to the point of being officially banned by the city because of the temple’s increasing involvement in corruption within the city’s walls. Dmitri explained how the Ebon Hand cultists revered mutation and deformity and encouraged its members to practice rituals to bring out such things in themselves.

Corvus and Dmitri then discussed the mural on the wall in the rat temple. Corvus inquired if Dmitri new anything about this Abhoth that the female priestess had ranted about. Dmitri did not know much other than that name was associated with the Gulchutt. Corvus then asked about the Necropolis and the number of demons and devils that were living there and the Pale Tower with the celestials and why they all stayed here. After some discussion about the creation of the Spire and the existence of the Banewarrens the two concluded that the two groups were likely watching one another in case the Banewarrens were ever opened. They also wondered how long before delvers found the place accidentally and unleashed its power on the city.

The time for discussions came to an end as the sun came up and several members of the party made their way out to the tournament field to partake in the festivities of Godsday. Janos tried his hand at several games including archery, tumbling, tests of strength and single combat. In the end, he won a few rounds but not the champion’s purse. Khron also competed in tests of strength and endurance as well as the single combat contest. Janos and Khron entered the single combat in opposite brackets. Janos fought two rounds before succumbing to a scrappy gnome named Namfoodle. The battle was quite an attraction and people did not think the rookie round could end in a more exciting manner. However, when Khron faced off against the gnome another classic contest was held. The two battered each other to near unconsciousness with Namfoodle finally getting the win. The gnome was given the champion’s purse and earned the respect of the two party members.

Meanwhile, Orbick decided to try his hand at spell dueling. The Inverted Pyramid unveiled their newest item creation this year: the Arcane Conversion Gloves. These gloves converted arcane magics cast during the duel into an appropriate corresponding illusionary spells. The magics still packed a stunning punch but were rendered non-lethal. Orbick’s first battle did not last long as another gnome competitor quickly cast a sleep spell on him causing him to collapse for a nap. Paying to compete again, Orbick had better luck defeating an elf combatant when he used his custom ray of fire spell.

Meeting up at the end of the day, the group found out that Dmitri had won a cooking contest. Also, Khron was given a slip of parchment by a robed cleric at the end of the single combat contest. Checking the parchment Khron learned that someone knew who had ordered the Vai attack and to meet him or her at the Pointy Hat the next day at noon. Returning to their home, the group discussed their day and planned for the meeting at the Pointy Hat.

Rashes, Pointy Hats and House Appraisals

The party returned from the Godsday Festival and Tournaments in the early evening and decided to check out the Pointy Hat before the next day’s meeting. Taking a carriage to the establishment, Khron began to feel an itching sensation on the back of his hand. Scratching it caused fur to fall out and Dmitri was asked to examine it. He could not find any source of infection and healing magics did not seem to have any effect on it. He detected a magical aura but could not pinpoint what type of magic was causing the rash.

Putting it out of their minds for now, the party arrived on the famous “Dweomer Street ” actually called Vrock Row. Taking in the marvelous sights of the street as they made their way to the Pointy Hat the group was momentarily caught off-guard as a chair smashed into the wall next to them. Barely registering next was a giant troll that strode up to Khron and prepared to flatten the litorian with its club. Not sure what to do and not really understanding the situation the knight merely stood there as the club went smashing down right through him and into the floor. Just as suddenly the creature disappeared and the crowded tavern erupted in a series of applause for the illusionist who was orchestrating the illusionary bar brawl for the patrons. The group found a table and watched as floating ethereal hands carried trays of drinks to tables and waitresses send magical messages back to the bartender with orders. Amazed at the abundance of magic used for common place tasks the group ordered drinks and got a lay of the land before Khron, Janos and Dmitri decided to call it a night and return to the house. Orbick and Corvus decided that the night was still young and wanted to check out another bar in town.

The pair hailed a cab and ended up at the Onyx Spider where an old man talking to a young boy outside of the bar was heard to have said that they would not find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy and that they would have to be cautious. Following them in Corvus and Orbick immediately sensed the mood the place and found a table to sit at before ordering drinks. Orbick did not like the look of his ale but Corvus was intrigued by the expensive drink that he ordered called Ransford’s Red . The drink glowed red in a centre column of a dark ale. He drank it down and was aware of the burning session it caused but since he does not suffer from any poison effects the alcohol had no effect on him. Noticing the wide range of rather criminal activity along with local tavern games of Peg the Tom and dice games going on, Corvus also spots a thief making his way towards Orbick’s belt pouch. Offering the figure a gold piece and drink instead the pair has a short discussion of the various black market activities that go on in the city like slave trading and shivel dealing. Corvus asks how he might get in contact with those running the operation and the figure points to the Malkeen Balacazar who is seated in his usual spot. Learning who Balacazar is makes Orbick nervous of what Corvus might do but the instead the two decide to leave the bar and make their way home.

As the duo leaves the bar they bump into a figure dressed in a long coat and wide brimmed hat smoking a pipe fashioned to look like the holy symbol of the Church of Lothian . They excuse themselves but the figure seems to take an interest in Corvus. Not wanting to draw too much attention the pair decides to head to the Ghostly Minstrel first before returning home. Seeing the figure watching them they hail the carriage and indicate that they wish to go the Minstrel. Arriving several minutes later they enter the bar and Orbick nods with some concern that the same figure they just saw at the Onyx Spider is now seated at one of the tables in the Minstrel calming smoking his pipe. Heading to the bar, Corvus first asks if Zade the barkeep has seen Rykke lately as the party has not seen him in several days. Zade says he hasn’t and that the boy may have gone with the Trueflights on a caravan run to pick up more bows from the Moonsilver forest. Zade does find it strange that Rykke would not have stuck around for the festival since it is a big event. Corvus also inquires if Zade knows where Rykke lives but the bartender doesn’t. Made aware of the figure’s presence by Orbick, Corvus orders two expensive liqueurs and heads over to the man’s table. The figure makes no move to stop him and Corvus learns his name is Hadrien Runihan a descendent of Abesh Runihan for whom Delver’s Square was originally named. Corvus asks why Hadrien is interested in them and he replies that he knows Corvus is new here and that he will play an important role in the days ahead. He also tells him that Corvus must stick close to the marked one for he is instrumental in events that are about to unfold. Finishing his drink, Corvus leaves with Orbick puzzled at Hadrien’s words. The two return to the house turn in for the night.

The next day the group awakens intent on getting some work done on their new home before going to Khron‘s meeting at Pointy Hat at noon. They compare notes on the previous evening’s activities but put that on the back burner for the immediate future as they have decided to hire a housekeeper and get the place appraised before doing too much work on it. They talk to their neighbour and find out that there is a widow with seven children living down the street who might take the job. Arriving at the women’s doorstep they find the woman to be in her late 20’s and is the widow of a city watchmen who was sliced in two when a fire giant made its way up from the dungeons below the city. Janos conducts the interview while Corvus bribes the children with cookies and cakes. He offers the woman who he finds out is named Alice 2gp plus bonuses to keep the place clean and stock with foodstuffs as well as her loyalty and discretion considering their activities as delvers. Agreeing to these terms Alice comes to the house and meets the party momentarily shocked at seeing Khron. Khron is convinced that it is because of his marked hand and presses her on why she was shocked. She convinces them it is merely due to her shock at meeting the litorian in such close quarters since Janos did not mention he was part of the party. Showing Alice around they settle on her duties and then decide to get to work on an appraisal. Alice suggests Gilbert’s Appraisals from the South Market and they send one of Alice ’s children down to have Gilbert come to appraise the house.

Having spent the morning on the mundane duties the party heads off to the Pointy Hat for the meeting. Most of the group sits at a nearby table while Khron sits in a secluded booth with a cloaked figure named Thrasen. Khron learns that he is a runebearer and that he will be instrumental in the time that is to come. Thrasen tells him to watch those who preach freedom for they secretly will subvert it. When Khron presses for more straight-forward answers the figure merely tells him to follow the unborn child if he wants more answers.

Leaving the bar, the group returns home and discusses the information and decides that Phon is the key to the unborn child so they turn their attention to staking out the warehouse that the Pale Dogs were supposed to meet their benefactors on Theoday. However, shortly after their return home their appraiser arrives and inspects the house. He lets them know the value of the property (3900gp) and they then begin to purchase supplies and do some repairs on the place to kill time until Theoday. Tidying up their work late in the afternoon on Theoday the group makes their way to down to Longbottom district of Midtown and prepares to stake out the mysterious red warehouse.

Ambushes and Chalk Circles

The party entered the warehouse early and took up hiding places in the rafters and behind boxes. After waiting for an hour, they saw the arrival of Vagger and Laucio. The two took up what they thought would be ambush positions for when the Pale Dogs arrived. Instead, after a few moments the party sprung a surprise attack on them. Orbick blasted Laucio with a brilliant flare, blinding the Shoal elf archer. Vagger, who was down below with his dog, Marcus, made a beeline for Orbick who was up in the rafters but was intercepted by the mace wielding Dmitri who smashed Vagger into a stack of crates and into unconsciousness. Janos launched a sneak attack on Vagger’s dog shooting an arrow deep into its haunches. Khron moved out from his hiding place in the boxes to stand off against the wolf-like dog. Meanwhile, Corvus had moved from his hiding place under raised platform to head up the stairs and attack the blinded archer. His spiked tail struck deep but again the poison had no effect.

While Khron kept the dog busy down below, Dmitri and Janos both moved to engage Laucio. Too late, they realized he had shaken off his temporary blindness and grabbed his readied sword. Janos attempted to knock him down but ended up lying flat on his back. That turned out to be a bad place to be as Laucio’s strike hit home, sliding deep into Jano’s stomach. Orbick attempted twice to hit the warrior with rays of fire but to no avail. Corvus also seemed unable to connect again with his tail. Dmitri arrived and managed to land a solid blow but also got slashed by Laucio’s weapon for his efforts. Finally Corvus was able to take down the elf but killed him instead of just subduing him as they party had wanted. In the meantime, Khron was able to dispatch the dog.

Rushing down to check on the wounded rogue, Vagger, the party bound his wounds and then decided to return home to interrogate him after stripping both bodies of their possessions. Trussing him up as a wounded friend, the party carried the wounded man a few streets and then hailed a cab to go home. Khron and Dmitri decided to separate from the group and go to the Red Stallion Pub first before returning home. Khron asked Dmitri how he could work with someone like Corvus to which the cleric said that he remained with such a creature not out of loyalty to it but to the rest of the group. Dmitri explained that he believed that it was only a matter of time before the imp revealed its true nature and he felt better knowing that he would be there to stop him from whatever evil plan he was attempting. Left to his own devices he might find others who would be more gullible than he to the imp’s true intentions.

Back at the home, the rest of the party was momentarily surprised to see their house lit up in the evening and the smell of cooking meat come wafting out of their windows. They then remembered that they had hired a housekeeper and cook, Alice, who was trying to make a good impression on her new employers. Not wanting her to see their prisoner, Janos thanked her for her work and sent her home while Orbick and Corvus watched over the unconscious Vagger. As they entered the house, Corvus noted that the nosey old man across the street was watching them from the window.

Taking the prisoner to the basement, Janos and Corvus discussed that any questioning of the prisoner would not involve any physical harm. Corvus agreed but took a kitchen knife down into the basement. Janos and Orbick remained in the kitchen eating supper while Corvus set to his work. Lighting candles and drawing a pentagram filled with symbols he placed the unconscious Vagger inside and climbed up on his chest.

It was at this point that Khron and Dmitri returned from their trip to the pub. Wanting to heal up the prisoner before questioning, Dmitri entered the basement and saw Corvus sitting on the prisoner brandishing a kitchen knife surrounded by a chalk circle and lit candles. Enraged, Dmitri almost drew his mace and attacked Corvus but after a moment of two he merely became quiet and healed the prisoner. Looking Vagger in the eyes, he told him that if he did not tell the creature everything he knew about the attack on Phon and the Pale Dogs he would let the creature have him. Then he took Corvus aside and said in a very quiet voice that if he ever saw Corvus doing something like this again he would strike him down or die in the attempt. Having said his piece he left the basement and told Janos that he could no longer stay in the house while such a creature lived there.

Janos entered the basement and saw what had happened and chastised Corvus for his lack of subtlety to which Corvus replied that the symbols were meaningless and only for show. Turning their attention back to the conscious prisoner, they began their interrogation of Vagger who was very willing to talk at this point. Vagger explained that he and Laucio had been hired by Toridan Cran, a local crime lord wannabe. Vagger and Laucio had decided to sub-contract the job and then kill the Dogs when they came for payment. Vagger said he didn’t know why Toridan wanted the girl dead. He also told them group that Toridan had a small house on Nar Street and had a crazy wizard working for him that liked to use fire.

Deciding that the rogue had been honest with them, Janos took it upon himself to take some of the lower quality weapons and armour from their stockpile to give to Vagger. They blindfolded him and took him by carriage to the city gates where Janos gave him a small pouch of coin and the kit of supplies. Vagger promised not to return to Ptolus and disappeared into the knight.

Returning to the house, he found that Orbick had gone to the temple to talk to Dmitri and found that the cleric was standing firm to his promise not to return to the house until Corvus was gone. Janos also tried to go talk to Dmitri but did not convince him to return. The two did discuss the idea of turning Corvus over to the Brotherhood of Redemption to change him from evil to good. Both agreed that he would have to be dealt with in time so perhaps this would be a way to save a potential ally.

Interestingly enough, at the same moment in the temple of St. Gustav ‘s Corvus was seeking the counsel of Brother Fabitor. Hoping to curry favour with the cleric, Corvus explained that he was an imp but that he had been giving donations to the temple and didn’t know why he was in Ptolus. He said he needed to have allies who would vouch for him but had made a mistake that had led many of the party to now distrust him. Brother Fabitor told him of the Brotherhood of Redemption and of the work they had done in Ptolus to turn evil creatures, many of which had been turned in by delvers, into powerful forces of good in the city. Intrigued by the process but not convinced that he would work on him because of his outer planar nature, Corvus asked Brother Fabitor to send word to his friends that he had decided to surrender himself to the Brotherhood of Redemption to show that he was sorry for what had happened and that he was willing to do anything to restore their faith in him.

The Redemption of Corvus

Leaving St. Gustav’s, Corvus makes his way following Brother Fabitor’s directions to the Monastery of Redemption located in the Guildman’s District. The imp can see the southern wall of the city as he makes his way down Lost Lady Street. Looking at the slip of paper with the address, Corvus finds himself in front of a simple townhouse. Entering the building, he finds it to be decorated very spartanly with soft candlelight being the primary light source. As he enters he can detect the smell of lavender and other types of incense burning in small braziers.

A young man with a shaved head and dressed in the simple robes of a monk comes down a short hallway and meets Corvus at the door, “May I be of assistance, stranger?” he says in a pleasant voice with a smile on his face.

Corvus stands silent for a moment and detects good and magic on the monk (because they are innate abilities, there are no verbal, semantic or material components) Corvus’ innate abilities confirm this is a place of good and he does detect an aura of magic about the place but not on the monk in front of him.

Feeling as if everything appears to be kosher Corvus drops his cloak and says, “I’ve been told that you have the ability to… moderate … evil. I’ve run into a problem with my companions and have come seeking information.”

As he removes his robe and inquires about information the monk is momentarily taken aback but then composes himself and says, “Ah, I see. Perhaps it would be best for you to speak with Mistress Mooncircle. She is more…adept at these sorts of conversations than I. Please, take a seat and I shall return momentarily with the Mistress.”

With a small bow, the acolyte excuses himself and heads back down the hallway. The sound of a large door can be heard opening and then closing. After a few moments, the monk returns trailing a striking-looking female human dressed similarly to the acolyte. Her brown hair is pulled back into a tight bun atop her head and her green eyes are sharp and intelligent.

The woman looks Corvus up and down and then finally says, “I am Yuethi Mooncircle and I am told that you are inquiring about information. What is it you would like to know?”

The imp replies, “Good evening Mistress Mooncircle. I am Corvus. I have been told by Brother Fabitor of St.Gustav’s that you have the ability to… redeem? …evil? While I find this difficult to understand, I am open to the idea. How do you do it?”

The woman looks at Corvus and waves a hand, uttering an incantation which Corvus does not need to detect to know is magical in nature. " Yes, our brotherhood redeems those from the path of darkness. We use a combination of magical spells, elixirs and music to re-align one’s aura to a more…harmonious one. We have assisted others of your kind and have been quite successful. I am curious though. Usually, those of your kind do not seek out such a place as this. Why are you really here?"

“I am old Mistress Mooncircle. I find myself at a disadvantage and in a weakened state. I do not know why I am here, but I am beginning to see some things in this world that are of an evil that disturb even me. Perhaps my masters are best served if I align myself with the powers of good. Either way, I require protection. I have alienated some of my comrades and this is unacceptable at this point. It’s my understanding that some of those you have changed have become citizens. Citizenship would be an asset. Yes, my reasons for seeking you out are selfish. I am evil after all. Part of me does not believe that you can change the true nature of evil, so the attempt will cost me nothing. This is as honest as I can be. I will submit willingly, and fully intend to revert later. If you truly can change my nature then it will not be a problem. Have I answered your question Mistress?”

The woman raises an eyebrow at Corvus’ candour but says nothing for a moment. “Very well, if you are ready to begin you first step begins now.”

She motions to the acolyte who brings in an earthen mug with steam rising from it. The acolyte brings the tray close to Corvus and offers the drink to him.

“Your first step towards redemption, Corvus, is to drink that elixir. It will begin the sleep that will cleanse you of your evil nature. You will awaken in several days with some vague memories of a bad dream but will find your attitudes towards the world changed. This will be a permanent change unless further altered by other magic. You will have no desire to return to your old ways and will become a person of good intent. If you are sure this is the step you wish to take, drink all the liquid in the mug please.”

“We shall see Mistress, we shall see ,” Corvus says as he drinks.

At first nothing seems to happen but then the imp is aware of a warming sensation within him. It is a strange sensation as he has never felt the effects of any sort of alcohol or poison in his system before this. However, he is aware of a magical aura spreading throughout his system and the glow of good around the acolyte and the Mistress begins to fade as does Corvus’ consciousness. The moment before he passes out he notices that both the acolyte and the mistress both smiling warmly at him…..

…..Corvus’ eyes open and he is lying on a simple cot. The sound of a wagon can be heard on the street outside as can children playing tag in the alleyways. He turns over and can see out into a hallway and hears the sounds of footsteps. Soon enough the familiar face of the acolyte who created him at the door is standing there. He smiles warmly as he offers Corvus another drink of what smells like coffee.

“Good morning, Master Corvus, your transformation is complete. Are you feeling well enough to return to the outside world?”

A quick examination of his body reveals no markings or other indications that anything has been done to him. In fact, other than slightly tired from a poor night’s sleep (strange, he feels the need to sleep for the first time he can ever remember) he feels fine. Gone are the thoughts and stresses of the conflicts within his group of friends. He can see now why they would be so upset. Despite his intentions, Corvus had gone too far. He could see that clearly now. He felt a need to make amends with his group and to embrace the new life he had been given. After all, this city was governed by wise individuals who only wished to maintain order. Belonging to his group could help do that. Maintaining the law should be his new focus.

Due to a back injury, the group’s litorian knight player was unable to make the session this week. Instead, the Corvus storyline was played out via e-mail during the week and the rest of the group decided to play a great game of Munchkin instead. Fun game if you haven’t played it. Check it out at Steve Jackson Games.
The Shivvel House Raid

While Corvus was spending a few days being redeemed by the Brotherhood, the rest of the party spent the downtime resting from the encounter at the warehouse and working on their house repairs. Three days passed with the group waiting to hear word from Corvus. The only break in the quiet time was the return of Slynt who had been off exploring the city. Khron took the time to show the paladin the improvements they had made to the house while Janos continued to work on the repairs to the roof. Alice the housekeeper was busy cleaning and cooking the suppertime meal while Orbick sat in the main room trying to study unsuccessfully as Janos hammered away overhead. Once Khron finished with the tour for Slynt he returned to the roof and assisted Janos. He was hammering away when Yenneck from next door came over to complain about the noise and through a rather forced and awkward conversation with Khron mentioned that he had heard barbarians were moving again in the east and many thought they were going to sack the capital city once again.

Khron had little time for small talk as he spied Corvus returning from his time with the Brotherhood of Redemption. The imp was rather uncertain of what had happened but the group is able to ascertain that he no longer was evil. Dmitri was pleased with this change of events but still cautious around the imp. Eventually the group decided to turn its attention to investigating the lead they had gained from their raid on the warehouse. Janos and Corvus decided to investigate the house where this shivvel dealer named Toridan Cran lived.

Waiting until dark the duo made their way to the Longbottom part of the Midtown district while Dmitri returned to his temple for evening meditation. Khron, Slynt and Orbick remained at the house waiting for word from the others. Following the trail of shivvel junkies they found the house at the end of Nar Street which was the lair of one Toridan Cran. Along the way there, Corvus was sure that he saw Dmitri following them but when he turned, the cleric was not in sight. Turning back to the business at hand, the pair took stock of the neighbourhood. Most of the surrounding buildings were rundown and abandoned but a single storey house at the end of the block seemed to have a steady stream of activity. Deciding a closer look was necessary, Janos and Corvus made their way to the side door and knocked. A gruff voice on the other side questioned them and Corvus replied that he was there to buy product for his master. The door was opened and a price negotiated before the pair was allowed in. Stepping into the messy and overly cluttered room, they got their first look at the ‘crazy wizard’ Collus who was sitting at the kitchen table reading a book and absent-mindedly lighting up his finger with magically flame. The man who opened the door went into a backroom through a curtain where the group saw the form of a large half-orc pass a package to the man they later found out was named Gunn.

Buying their drugs, the pair left the house and this time it was Janos who thought he saw Dmitri but like Corvus before him, when he turned completely to look closer there was no one there at all. Deciding to check out Dmitri’s story the two headed to the temple of Gaen where they questioned an acolyte about Dmitri’s whereabouts. The acolyte indicated that the cleric had been there all evening. Going to check on him, the two found him in a trance-like state but he awakened as soon as they touched him. Unaware of the time lost, the cleric was surprised as they told him what had happened.

Returning with Dmitri to the house they filled the group in on what they had learned. Deciding to raid the house at dawn, the party makes battle preparations and then gets some sleep unsure of what to think about Dmitri’s situation but unable to deal with it at the moment. A few hours later the group found themselves in the alleyway near Toridan Cran’s house. Corvus, Janos and Orbick returned to the side door posing as interested buyers once again while the others planned to kick in the front door. All went according to plan as Corvus convinced Gunn to open the door and then the attack was launched. Corvus and Janos were able to dispatch Gunn quickly allowing Corvus to move into the kitchen. Unfortunately, the imp did not see the rather large half-orc standing in the corner with his great axe poised to strike until Toridan brought it down on him, nearly cutting him in half. As he staggered away, Corvus slashed out with a short sword he had taken from the party’s treasure. The blade went wide and Corvus darted for the relative safety of the kitchen table as Janos tumbled into the fray. Rolling through and back to his feet, Janos’ twin short swords slashed twin cuts on the angry half-orc as Orbick provided timely magic missile support.

As the battled raged on in the kitchen, the group in the alley crashed the front door of the house. Unfortunately, the battle in the kitchen had alerted Collus, the pyromaniac wizard, of trouble. He stood in the far corner of the room and summoned a small fire elemental to bar the way into the room. While the group dealt with that problem, the wizard cast burning hands, scorching those in the doorway. Finally the combined efforts of Slynt, Khron and Dmitri eliminated the elemental and they quickly dispatched the wizard shortly thereafter.

Having cleared the living area, Khron and Slynt made their way through the curtain into the kitchen to assist Janos and the heavily injured Corvus. Emboldened by the arrival of his friends, Corvus finished quaffing a potion of healing and rushed back into the fray only to be cut down again by Toridan’s deadly axe. Shortly thereafter the others of the party managed to bring the half-orc down into unconsciousness ending the battle.

A search of the house revealed a ledger filled with Toridan’s criminal activities and contacts which the party quickly packed away for future examination. A loose floorboard was discovered and an iron box containing Toridan’s current wealth along with some potions. Orbick relieved Collus the mage of his spell book as well as his treatise on arcane arts. Having picked the house clean, the party tied up Toridan and returned to their house to question him.


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