Maquents Journal

MAQUENT’S JOURNAL (Found in Pythoness House)

In a beautiful, flowing script, this journal relates details regarding the operation of Pythoness House from 716IAto as recently as 718. Maquent Dellisaria was a seer and prophetess expelled from the Fate Weavers. She and her partner, Radanna Scalth, operated the house as a brothel. An ardent follower of chaos, Radanna insisted that the two allow the house to be used as a front for a chaos cult called the Crimson Coil.
Following are some of the most interesting entries.

Bloom 18, 716

Urieth says that all of the girls believe the gatehouse towers to be haunted by the spirit of a young priest named Taunell.

Bloom 22, 716

Urieth has been attempting to communicate with the spirit of
Taunell. She thinks he somehow has the ability to see anywhere in the house, but that one can interact with him only in the gatehouse towers.

Bloom 29, 716

No one shall go into the gatehouse towers. I shall lock the door myself. That unwelcome spirit is quite tenacious, and not a little dangerous. We attempted to put it to rest, but it made the process far too difficult, so we shall simply leave it there forevermore. (Which is fine with me—I have no liking of holy men and did not relish the idea of bringing one here for an exorcism when Urieth’s attempts failed.)

Growth 10, 717

There is another spirit within this house. At first I thought it was our old friend Taunell, but this is different. It has something to do with the statue of that horrid man. This is Radanna’s doing. I do not like it.

Moons 1, 717

Radanna and her friends keep going on about this “Night of
Dissolution,” and the “coming changes.” And Lords of Chaos.
The spirit in this house is growing stronger. I no longer feel at home here.

Rain 15, 717

The spirit in this house now has the ability to keep out those it does not want, and keep in those whom it does not wish to leave. Only while it sleeps are we truly free to come and go. At other times, I am a prisoner in my own home, though in truth I rarely wish to leave anymore. Where would I go? This filthy city has little for me. I see mostly darkness in its future, with just one possible ray of light. And even
then, the light will never reach me. I shall end in darkness, and soon.

Harvest 9, 717

Radanna’s cultists have hidden some great weapons of power and items of chaotic magic in the cellars beneath the house and used the enchanted statue to seal the entrance. Only the spiral contrivance can move the statue, and it is broken into two halves—one for me, and one for Radanna. She says we are to keep them hidden and safe until the time when they are needed. The cultists say the hidden weapons will strike down their enemies on the Night of Dissolution. I no longer care. Their true future is too entwined with chaos to foretell with any accuracy. Perhaps what they say is true. I do sense great changes coming in the next few years.

Yearsend 14, 717

I have somewhat befriended the Cobbledman. He grows more mad
with each day, however. I hid my half of the spiral contrivance in his tower with him. I shall not even tell Radanna. Of course, she will not tell me where she keeps her half, either, but there’s really only one place it could be. Certainly no one could sneak a ladder up to that secret door without her knowing about it.

Sun 10, 718

The Day of Joining. Not a favored day for those in my profession. Radanna and her friends have brought forth a goat-headed demon to live in the high tower. Its presence disrupts my ability to foretell the future. It is a creation of beings called the Galchutt, Radanna says. An “earthbound demon” she calls it. To me, a demon is a demon. I do not care for the way it looks at us—like domesticated animals. I can also feel its oppressive age. It is very old.

Sun 21, 718

The goat-headed thing has called demons from the Dark Reliquary to it here. They join the horrible menagerie of rat-things the cultists already hide in our house. And, of course, the Cobbledman. Soon, it seems, demons will walk the streets of this city, and no one will give it a second thought. I have had a dream of death.

Sun 29, 718

The name of this month means nothing to Ptolus now. No sun shall shine here again, although a strange new moon haunts my dreams.

Blessing 2, 718

Thabitha lost the key to the square tower. Radanna is furious. I shall have to protect the girl, or Radanna will certainly hand her over as a sacrifice to her terrible friends. Thabitha says that she was on the rooftop garden when she last had the key.

Harvest 22, 718

Well, it appears to be over. Urieth says the Knights of the Pale are on their way. The cultists flee. Radanna is slaying the girls one by one. I cannot stop her. The spirit keeps anyone else from leaving. My end comes in darkness…

Maquents Journal

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